Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Summer Learning Journing / Day 2 - Week 2 - Activity 2,

For this activty I had to choose if it was fair or unfair for women to vote. I choose to make it fair so everyone gets a chances to vote.
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I think it is fair for womens to vote because its their own choice and they can do what ever they want. If womens dont want to vote they dont vote. If they do they can vote. Women are the boss of there self the govenment or whoever made them not vote is the boss of the voting graph.

Summer Learning Journing / Day 1 - Week 2 - Activity 1,

St Patricks Cathedral
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Name of Cathedral: St Patricks Cathedral
Where the Cathedral is Located: 43 Wyndham St, Auckalnd, 1010
When it was built: August 15 1858
How long did it take to build: 150 years

For this activty I had to pick a Cathedral/Church. I choose to do St Patricks Cathedral because I found it easy to work on. I have put some ideas of when it was built and how long it took to build.

Summer Learning Journing / Day 5 - week 1 - Bonus Activity

  1. How did you become a boxer?
  2. How do you feel when you get puched?
  3. Who inspired you to become a boxer?
  4. Why did you become a boxer?

Form this actvity I had to write 4 questions I whould ask Bill kini. Above shows the questions I whould ask him. Bill kini is a boxer and he is also a heavyweight.

Summer Learning Journing / Day 5 - Week 1 - Activity 2

For this activty I had to find three fun things to do if I was a vistor in Waitangi. I choose 3 things below.

1. Coastal Kayakers
2. Bay of islands parasail
3. Bungy Jump

This is the list I whould like to try if I was a vistor in Waitangi. These are the things I havent tried.

Summer Learning Journing / Day 5 - Week 1 - Activity 1


  1. Nau mai ki Aotearoa - Welcome to New Zealand
  2. ____ is my name - Ko toku ingoa
  3. What is your name? - He aha to ingoa?
  4. He pai taku ki te takaro i te whutupaoro - I like to play Rugby
  5. Where do you come from? - No hea koe?

For this activty I had to translate the 5 phrases from moari to english or english to moari. I used google Translate to translate the words above. This was easy because I have to copy and paste the words into the translate box

Summer Learning Journing / Day 4 - Week 1 - Bonus Activity

Ranking 3# Te Puku o Te Ika

1# I give this my first rate because I like how they moved forward and started to sing as hard.

2# I give this a second rate because of how the singing and there dance moves.

3# I give this my third rate because they didt do much but I really like how they singed for there grandpa or dad.

For this activty because I liked how I got to pick the rating and I really like seeing these moari dance.

Summer Learning Journing / Day 4 - Week 1 - Activty 2

The Game I choose was Poi Rakau. The purpuse of this game was to stop the stick falling from the ground. The rules were to not stuck the stick in the grass (if you are on grass) and each time you have to take a step back to make it harder. Make sure there is a coach. The coach has to call (matou so the players go right) (Maui so the players go left). If your going to a stick and it falls your out.

For this actvity I had to choose a moari game that was listed in the list. I picked to choose Poi Rakau because this looks fun and intresting. I whould like to play this one day with my freinds and famliy
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