Thursday, 15 November 2018

This week is book week so my class decided to do a fun activity. For this activity we got into groups of three. In my group were Brooklyn, Joshua V and I. In our class there were two papers on each table that had questions about books. Each group got moved to one table we had two minutes to answer the question after the two minutes we rotated around to another question. After answering all the questions we each chose a question that we would make a bar graph. I chose, What Makes a Book Boring? I chose this question because it had some interesting answers. When I had finish gathering the answers I created a bar graph. I found out that most students mostly focus on the pictures and the vocabulary because this will hook them into reading the book.  

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

My reading Pathway

This week is book week for Panmure Bridge School. We created a Pathyway about our favourite books we have been reading since kindygarden. My favourutie book when I was 5 was "Clifford the big red dog" now my favorutite book is "Tom Gates". Above shows the books that I've been reading when I was 5 years of age until the age of 13.

Friday, 9 November 2018

Armistice day - New Zealand Defence Force

Today was Armistice day Panmure Bridge School and a special member from the New Zealand Defence Force that came to our school and talk about the world war one and the Armistice Day. We also had a poem that was read by Mrs. Kirkpatrick. All classes from Panmure Bridge had a Big Poppy. On the poppy, we wrote our names. A big thank you to the New Zealand Defence Force for coming to our school. We did this because we had to remember the soilders that died during world war 1.

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Armistice Day

Today we have been learning about Armistice day. I learnt that on the 11th-  Hour on the 11th - Month on the 11th - Day the War started to end in a good and postivie way. Tommrow Panmure Bridge school will celebrate the Armistice Day and will rememeber the Soilders that died durning the war.

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Battle of the Somme

Today for Reading we have learning about the Battle of the Somme. First we were reading a story about the Battle of the Somme. I worked really well with Nyjah and Marieta. The challenging part was when we had to write our own Opinion.

Friday, 26 October 2018

Tech @ Tamaki college

Tech @ tamaki college was great. We had a fun time with Mr Mackenzie Brown. We have been focusing on our charity box. We also finished of our other work we have been doing last term. My charity box was about focusing on the blind.

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

How has technology changed the way we learn?

Image result for technology

Technology has changed the way we learn these days. Did you know technology connects us to the world? During the 1900’s, children in classrooms used blackboards to write their follow up work on. These were called slates.

Slates were called slates because they were made out of slate. After using blackboards, notebooks and ink were introduced in classrooms. Notebooks were better than slates because they would keep things safe, and unlike blackboards it was not easy to wipe out the work. This meant students had a record of their work.

Inkwells were replaced by pens, pencils and rubbers. Rubbers are used to rub things out if mistakes were made when writing with pencils. This meant students were able to try new things without worrying about making a mistake in their work.

Nowadays we now use computers. Computers are digital learning devices. They help us look through the internet when we are finding the answers to new learning. We can create DLOs (Digital learning objects) like slideshows, google draw posters, movies and spreadsheets on one device. We can see our learning at our class google site at any time,  and our blogs let everyone in the world see the work we publish.

In 2018 we are using our digital devices instead of using blackboards or notebooks which shows technology has changed the way we learn.