Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Matariki 2018

Today LS1 and LS2 have been working in a group to complete a Matariki task. I worked together with Jona, Liletina, Angelica, and Hosea. We created a DLO showing what Matariki is and How Matariki is celebrated. We also watched a video about Matariki. We did this because our school is celebrating Matariki.

Friday, 29 June 2018

Rock cakes - Tech @ Tamaki college

Today at tech @ Tamaki College, we made Rock cakes. We first had 1cup (1/2) of Self-raising flour then we added the Chocolate chips. We also added 1/2 of sugar and 1/2 cup of cream. Then we put 1/4 of oil. After we added 1 egg. Finally, we mixed well with our ingredients together. We scooped 4 rock cakes in each side. As we placed the rock cakes in the oven for 15 mins. Then we took them out and we enjoyed eating the rock cakes.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

The Inchcape rock

Today for reading we have been reading a poem in our group. We read a poem about the Inchcape rock. We also picked our own verse. We had to write the meaning of the verse we did. We also watched a video of the Inchcape rock. 

M&M's - Maths

Today for maths we have been learning to dived using the M&M's. Mr. Johnston split us into 10 groups for the week. We first had to guess how many M&M's were in a 45m packet. I guess 45, but the answer was 57. Mr. Johnston gave us simple questions that we had to answer. We also made a graph of how many colors of M&M's. Orange had lots of M&M's and green had the lowest M&M's. We then had to compare the Mars company and our finding in our packets. I learned that the Mars company made a Tan M&M but they changed the color to blue.

Friday, 22 June 2018

Tech @ Tamaki college

Today at tech @ Tamaki college we made Chocolate muffins. We first got into our new partner my partner was Jona. We first had to get 1 cup of Self raising flour (1/2 of cup). Then we got 1 cup of sugar ( 1/2  of cup ). Then we had to get 1/2 of oil and 1/2 of cup of milk. When then had 1/4 cup og cocoa and we mixed it with the chocolate chips. We then had 1 tablespoon of Vanila esence and 1 egg. After we mixed all the ingredient together and we scoop 1 tbs in each muffin trays. We baked the muffins for 15 min then we took it out and we enojyed eating our muffins.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Unicycle Freestyle

Today for reading we have been doing our Key into Evaluation DLO. Our topic was based with unicycles.I learnt that Uni means one, Bi means 2 and Tri means 3. I also learnt that the most comman bicycles were called Penny farthing. I  found a video wich is based on Unicycles. I watched this video and I think this was really cool. I like how this person did many tricks with the unicycle.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Tech @ Tamaki College

Today at Tech Brooklyn and I made Quiche. We first had to get the equipment from our kitchen. Then we followed the rules that was given to us. We first got the bowl and we measured 1/2 of milk and 4 eggs together, after we mixed those both ingredient together. Then we cut the ham into blocks and we put the cheese together with the ham. Afterwards we got small cups and we had to press down the cup on the pastry. Then we placed 11 pastry onto the muffin trays. After we tipped small amount of milk and egg on We then heated the oven to 200 degrees and we placed the Quiche into the oven.