Tuesday, 29 November 2016



Hey Were the wright brothers we were born in 1871 we don't want to fight but we want to Flight we come From Indiana and we don't want to make you cry .but we will put you down like a clown. And I am the number 1 Winner then ever Because We Made the Best Plane in America That Could FLY!planes are the best,you're just jealous like a fool.Our history is big your one is small. check it out if you wanna be a cool foolI make planes that's my thing I made the first ever plane in 1903 it came out great it came out successful you don't want to mess with me I will you put you to your knees and make you say I am your king

Who the hell are you to step to me don't come under my control because Im the number 1 winner because I was the first person to fly in a airplane. I came from Atchison Kansas in the US and I am Safe I Travel over Atlantic Pacific Ocean
and who needs a spare brother to help you But I will STILL Win This Battle. And you always speack like a monkey. And If you mess with I will the best I can, In World war 1 I Became as a nurse I care About the People thats dead.

By Joshua V

Friday, 25 November 2016

Blast From Past

Text title: Blast From the past
Author: David Hill
I think the main idea of this text is About people have been making rocket from a very long Time
One example of a supporting detail is A Force on an roket
Another example of a supporting detail is A Fact
It is clear that the main idea is The fact

Because It Helps You Bout something that you don't know

Today I had to write what was the story About

Amelia Earhart

Today I my Inquiry group was learning about Our favourite Aviator My favourite one was Amelia Earhart

Thursday, 17 November 2016


Today I have been blog commenting on jerichos blog

Weather Averages

This is my Post Of Weather Averages I had to See How much was July Because it was Blank. Mr O Told as Easy way how to Calculate The Numbers It Was so Easy 


This is my Results of what we did with Mr O