Sunday, 1 October 2017

Day 2 Activity 1 - PBS Holiday Blogging Challenge

For this activity I had to list 5 facts about the Auckland sky tower. I went on the sky city website to find out 5 facts about the Auckland sky tower.This shows what I learnt about the sky city in Auckland.


  1. Talofa Lava Joshua I like how you have attributed your photo. I like fact number 3. Keep up the great work!. You have done a great job in the P.B.S Holiday Blogging Challenge.

  2. Kia Ora Joshua I really like the basic layout of your DLO and the photo you used of the Sky Tower. Nice job on attributing your image and 5 simple but interesting facts. Good job and keep posting.

  3. Aloha Joshua, Your layout looks wonderful just like the Sky Tower is. Your facts look interesting. Good on attributing your one image.
    Great Work!

  4. Hi Joshua
    I really like your 5 interesting facts and also looks cool. But words is hard to read so you should change the font. Keep it up!

  5. Greetings Joshua,
    I like the way you added a photo of the Sky Tower. Your Sky Tower facts are really Interesting.
    Amazing Job!

  6. Hi Joshua,
    This is an awesome that you've created, and your facts are really interesting. Was it hard finding these facts? And did you know about any of them? It's great to see that you've attributed the image that you used, and that you've added a title to your DLO as well.
    Keep Up The Amazing Blogging!

    - Jack

  7. Hi Joshua
    Great work you have because it looks so cool.

  8. Hi Joshua
    Well done for taking part in our holiday blogging challenge. I enjoyed reading your facts about the sky tower. Did you know it would take you about 30 minutes to climb all the stairs? I think I would prefer to take the lift because that only takes 40 seconds to get to to the top. Well done for separating each fact with a number but remember your facts would be easier to read if they were all aligned to the left.
    Mrs A