Friday, 31 March 2017

Design tech

Today at tech we were doing design grapics with Miss Ferguson frist we had to make an eye with just a cylinder. Then we made our own characters with our shapes. 

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Playing Midnight recount

Playing midnight

I felt happy when I first played the midnight game. I was full of energy and happiness. I wanted to cheat but we’re not allowed to, because we're supposed to be behind the line. I enjoyed playing the game by myself instead of with a partner. When I play with  a partner I would always lose because my partner would move. We can see other people doing different pose. If we keep moving Mr Ogilvie will tell us to do star jumps until he’s says STOP as Mr Ogilvie screams stop my ears was about to fall off.

This recount shows what I have been doing while Learning Space 2 were gone to camp. I made a recount of playing midnight with Learning Space 1

Friday, 10 March 2017

What is an explanation? By Joshua V & Josh S

A blog is a website where you share your learning and ideas. My blog is special because it tells people about my learning. All blogs are unique because all blogs are different.

I have 14,395 views on my blog and 341 blog post on my blog - that means I have 341 examples of my learning that has been shared with the world (my global audience). Each post has a blurb that tells what I have been learning. I label each post so that my work is easy to find. For example if I post a poem I label the post as a poem so that people search for my poem so they can find it quickly. We also can share our work to other social media (eg., facebook, twitter, Pinterest).

There is a comments section under each post for other people to give us feedback on our work. We can reply back with a nice and positive comment which helps us get to know other learners.  

My blog is special because it is a timeline of where it shows my learning journey since I was in Year 4. The best part is that our blog can not be lost or thrown away.

Today we wrote about an explanation we had to write down a intro to come onto the explanation there were 4 parts of an explanation it is called title, introduction, poipio and conclusion.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

How to stand up Bullies

How to Stand Up Bullies

Bullies is a big problem it can hurt people by calling them names. You can start a bully by fighting a person. Bullies is a bad act by using punching, kicking and choking people. Choking is the main thing because they may get into to the hospital and they will die straight away.

Here are some facts of what you should do if you get bullied from other people:

  • If someone is fighting with a person tell them to STOP
  • Tell them to calm down
  • Tell a teacher that is around
  • Take the risk and sit down and when you fill calm you can play with someone else
  • Don’t swear
  • Just walk with the teacher
  • Make the choice you like
  • Tell a school leader
  • Play with someone that will not fight with you
  • Don’t run away from school
  • Don’t get a stick and start whacking
  • Say sorry back
  • Look at them at the eye and tell them to stop.
  • Learn how bullies think.
  • Stand tall and stare them down.
  • Close your ears. ...
  • Defend yourself with smarts.
  • Ignore bullies

Created By Joshua V

This task was for as to write down how to stand up bullies on a DLO I have some facts of what bullies should do if they are hurt. Bullies are bad for people I think bullies should be BANDED in our school.