Thursday, 23 November 2017

Maths solving

Today Fatongia and I were solving a maths problem. We had to find out the startegy we whould use. Then we had to talk to our maths group what we did to solve the problem. Then we made a screencastify showing what we did and how we solve the problem.

Eagle Helicopter

On Thursday, Panmure Bridge School had a vist from the Poilce helicopter. When the police helicopter landed it was very lound and some of the grass and dirt was flying. This was part as our community inquiry topic. They talked about what they do in thier job. It was  really exicted because we went around the helicopter twice and we saw lots of excting things that was inside the helicopter. We also had a vist from a trained police dog (Kahu/Kaho).

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Fire Station trip

This term for our inquriy topic we are learning about our commuinty. Learning space 2 went to the fire station. We first heard from the firefighters (bob - manger). Then the firefighters talked about why having smoke alarms in our houses. Then we went and explore the fire enginge and seeing what was inside the truck. After the firefighters showed us how they whould take the roof off using ther tools.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Manaikalani Film Festival

Yesterday the Manaiakalani cluster went to Sylvia Park for the 10th annual film festival. There were 110 movies that other schools made. During the film festival Learning Space 2 were late for the first session. So then we watched the 2nd session of the movie. Panmure Bridge School (LS2) were watching the Pt England and Tamaki primary present thier movies. This was an amazing time at the Manaiakalani Film festival.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Jaguar adaptation

Today as a class Learning space 2 were learning about adaptation. We first had to find out an animal that starts with our names. I choose to do a Jaguar because at the first of the letter of Jaguars it starts with the letter J. We had to find out the adapation of our animal we picked. This animal is the third largest after a lion and a tiger. Above this blurb it shows the habbit and the diet of the Jaguar

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Batminton with Kevin

Today for Kiwisports we had our second lesson for Badminton with Kevin. At Badminton we learnt different skills. We first played a game called Octopus. Then we were practising how to juggle with the Shuttlecock and the Racket. The juggling was a bit hard because I couldn't hit the shuttlecock. After we had to hit the Shuttlecock using our forehand and backhand. This was difficult because the shuttle went everywhere and I got mixed up. The partner I was with was Jorja. One person had to use their index finger and their thumb to throw the shuttle to their partner who had to hit it back to them. Afterwards we got into partners to have a rally.

How Children Learn at School - Explanation writing

How Children Learn at School

Do you remember when you were a child and copying your friends or teacher by observing, you asked questions because you are curious, and took risks in school to learn? Learning is having courage to ask questions, so that you are able to make connections with your what you are talking about. Learning is important since you are growing your knowledge.

Children are good observers, they are able to watch and learn new skills. By watching, they are increasing the amount of knowledge they have. Children look up to role models so they can see new ways that they could learn.

Children ask questions because they are eager to learn more. Children are interested in a topic, so they try to understand it more and so they ask for help from their classmates or teachers, to make connections with their learning.

Children take risks so they understand what they’re learning about, some of the risks are things like; asking questions, and asking students for help. Since they ask other people, they are looking at different perspectives which will help them explore different ideas.

Many people have different learning styles, some watch videos, some read, some people ask their elderlies like the teacher. To find your learning style, you have to find a way which makes you comfortable, like watching videos makes people comfortable because people are talking to you, with their opinions. You have to find something that makes sense to you. You could read, or even simply ask questions. Your learning style will help you understand, but everyone has different learning styles.

Today Learning space 2 were practising writing an explaination for our writing test. We had our own writing buddys, my writing buddys were Nazella and Hajera. Our topic was about "How Children Learn at school". Then we had to work with anothor group, we were working with Jericho and Christopher. They had to read our explaintion and we had to read thier explaintion. They gave us feedback and feedforward.