Friday, 11 April 2014

Community City

Today room 5 went for a walk down to our community. We visited the Panmure Library.  When we got there the lady told us to sit on each side of the mat.  I was on the other side which was the Puta side. Jasmine was the princesses  and Djae said will you marry me. I was in fire Juanita's team, we got a stick an practiced our movement, fire Juanita showed us how to do it.  When we practiced heaps of times, we have to battle the other side and in the end the other side of the sea won.  

This was my group practicing our dance for battle. 

How to annoy the teacher.

  • Talking when the teachers talking 
  • Not learning cause you were talking with your friend 
  • Making silly noise with with your mouth 
  • Running around the class room when the teacher says stop 
  • Late for school because you slept in late
  • Jumping up and down on the table 
  • Not doing they work cause your to lazy 
  • Copying people's work 
  • Not learning on your net books and going on different sites they that the teacher didn't give you permission to go on.  
  • Annoying people cause your bored
  • Not  listening to your teacher 

We had to list all things that would annoy our teacher. So we wouldn't do them in class. 

The parts of a learning hero

This is my google drawing, showing us parts of a learning hero.