Friday, 23 September 2016

Blog Comment

Today I have been blog commenting to My brother Jaydon he was doing his reading work which is called Dragons egg

Dragon's Egg

Today we were learning about a book called Dragon's Egg it is about a boy called nick that founds a egg


Today This is my poster of Mr O told me too. This is called Infrerences writing

Narrtive Writing

Haunted House
Once  there was a Older boy called John and a Young Girl called Daisy there Parents were gone to work The John was looking after daisy. At night John took daisy to bed. So daisy was fast asleep, John was asleep
Too, But Suddenly Daisy woke up because she heard some noise. She got up and she had her teddy bear with her

She walked down stairs and she saw her dad. Dad was drinking milk daisy ran down stairs and said “Daddy” And Dad turned around and it wasn't him it was a strange man she took daisy to the car and daisy got locked in the car. As Daisy was calling for John, John was still Sleeping. In The morning John went to Daisey room and siad “daisy get ready for school and daisy didn’et answer back because she was gone then mum & Dad came back. And Mum siad John is daisy gone to shcool and he siad no “Mum siad why”  John siad she can’t find Daisy...
My main characters
John ( Big Brother )
Daisy ( Young Girl)
Mum & Dad

Today I have been writing a narrative a Narrative means:
It is made up of a beginning a middle and end. In the beginning there is the orientation, in the middle there is a problem, and at the end we have the solution.

Friday, 16 September 2016

The Dragon's Egg By Joshua V

Today I had to read this book called "The Dragon's Egg" I had to answer these questions This is my poster on Nicks Dragon. We did nick because his name was on most of the book

Thursday, 15 September 2016


Today I have been on xtramtahs & and I have got 4 wrong and 12 smiley faces & 13 Right I need to improve my learning and so I can get my maths an high LVL  

How to make a poi? By Joshua V

By Joshua V & Riley C
LI: to write a procedural text.
How to make Poi?
Wool, Sticky tape, Can, Plastic Bag, High Density Foam, Needles & Threads, Scissors
  1. Cut the High Density Foam into a ball
  2. Roll The wool over the can Loosely
  3. Take the wool and measure it to your arm ( Arm to Elbow )
  4. Put the wool inside the other wool
  5. Tie up the wool with 1 wool
  6. Cut the end part to be fluffy
  7. Design the strings whatever you like ( Tie the top part )
  8. Make a hole in the Ball you just made before
  9. Stuck the wool inside the hole
  10. With the white plastic bag take it and cover it on the poi
  11. Wrap the wool around the plastic bag
  12. Tape the plastic bag around the wool on the handle part
  13. Cut the other half of the bag (Which is the handle bit)
This the finished product!!
Screenshot 2016-09-13 at 10.10.41.pngScreenshot 2016-09-13 at 10.11.27 AM.png
Today We learnt how make a a poi this is my poster on how to make a poi?
  • Title
  • Materials
  • Steps
  • Pictures

Friday, 2 September 2016

How to make Marble?

Today I have been learning "How to make marble" The LI:identify the structure and language features of a procedurl text this is my INFORMATION poster about marble

Maths (StaddyLadder)

Today I have been on a site called staddyladder the task we had to do was we had bikes and the bikes have to move up if you got the answers RIIGHT so today I have got 4 right!!