Saturday, 8 July 2017

Activity 2 Day 3 - Winter hoilday programe

My Opinion is that we should kill them because they can make us hurt and it can also make holes underground or on your roof tiles. It also has dirty things on their body.

For this activity we had to write our own opinion about possums. I wrote a shot story about what will happen to the possums and I choose to kill them.

Activity 1 day 3

Activity 1:
Great spotted kiwi
The Great spotted kiwi, as a member of the ratites, are flightless. It is the largest of the kiwi.

What kind of animal is it: kiwi

What does it eat? Earthworms, Beetles and Cicadas and more

Where do they normally live? Northern half of the South Island ( Greymouth, Arthur's Pass and North Canterbury)

For this actvity I had to go on a site called Adopt a Critter page. We had to find an anaimal and I picked a Great spotted kiwi. Their are some facts above this blurb.

Image result for Great spotted kiwi

Comment to Aj

This is my comment to Aj. I commented on his interview with her sister. I also like how he explained what he had to do.

Day 2 Bonus Activity

1. They like kicking balls around

2. They like seeing places.

3. They like to see their favorite thing

4. We like to go to anything we haven't been to

5. Like going Jump

For this activty I had to List 5 things that my family members would say to me.

Day 2 - Activity 2 Winter Hoilday Journey

1. Why do you like going to travel around the world?

2. Do you like going on the ship?

3. Is it scary going when you're on the boat outside?

4. What do you most like at the the places you have been to.?

5. Have you been to niuean?

For this acvity I had to watch a video about Laura Dekker ( This was fun because I had to list 5 question I would ask Laura about.

Johannes Brahms Composer (Music)

This poster is about my composer and his name is Johannes Brahms. I made this for our music time. We had to put some answers to our post.

Duffy Books

Yesterday afternoon we were givien our duffy books. I was so exited because I like to read fun books like Tom gates. I hope I read lots in the hoildays.

Assembly Cetficate

Today I had a cetficate at assembly I also got a red ticket to get one of the lego boxs. I am impress of myself because I have been coming to school everday.

Day 2 - Activity 1 - Winter Holiday Journey

Rangitoto Island - Because it's a beautiful place to go with you friends and families. And also it is large beach so you can play any games.

This is my 3 places I have choose. For this activity I had to choose 3 places in Auckland to pick and why we picked it. These are the places I have picked

Comment - Winter Holiday Journey

This is my comment to Sa kae I comment on her flag because it is interesting to know about.

Bonus Activity - Day 1

For this activity I had to create my own flag to replace the New Zealand flag. I deigned my one like this because I just like the colors and the logo. Orange represent my favorite color and blue respect the blue rugby team. I created it buy using Flag designer.

Winter Learning Journey - Day 1 - Activity 2

1. Go on boats and ride it to a place I haven't been to

2. See fishes to see Some new things

3. Walk along Mission Bay

4. Eat nice sea food

5. Going to see many cultures

For this acvity I had to watch a video on youtube This video was intresting because I like this because I learnt to many things. We had to list 5 favourite activities from the video.

Winter Holiday Journey - Day 1

1. Hongi is a tradition Maori greeting 2. I did not know that the Weta cave was created by Peter Jackson. 3. New Zealand loves to go camping int the great outdoor For this activity I had to go onto this site to get some 3 interesting facts from. The first one was interesting because I learnt a new word Hongi

Friday, 7 July 2017

Term 2 Reflection

This term I have really enjoyed learning about my timetables because I can learn all my timetables. I now know how to do my place value. I enjoy working on my maths because I like doing hard things and I can also learn from my mistakes. I also like doing dance with Mrs Anderson and Ms Brett. Also I like going tech with the whole class. Tech is nice because I learn diffrent things.

My Respect Care award badge

Today at assembly Sa Kae and I earned our CARE awards badges. Sa Kae earned an Excellence and Innovation and I earned my Respect badge. This is my first badge and I am exited to show my parents. 

Problems and Solutions

Today I was making a DLO on Problems and Solutions. We had to write down the Solutions and problem.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Tamaki Wrap

Click for the Video

Today I was making a video on Tamaki Wrap. We were put into groups of fours. I had a big group. We first went to a table that had a boxs of leaves and papers. We had to cut the paper and glue it on the other piece of paper and then we went to the next table. The groups were rotataing around each tables. We also had four teachers at each table. The video above shows what we did.

Tae Kwondo

At Tae Kwondo we had an instructor whose name was Steve Pellow. Master Paul McPhail came to watch us for 1 day to make sure that we were doing the right thing and right way. We first had to make a row of 4's and we had to bow with our legs together. Then we were practising our punching and kicking. We also made two lines so we can kick the pads with our feet. It was hard for me because the pad was really high. I think I need to practise a lot so I can get more better at kicking the pads.

Visting Teacher from Tamaki College

Yesterday there was a visting teacher from Tamaki College that came to our class. Her name was Miss Apelu. She came to look at our work that we did in Learning Space 2. I had to show Miss Apelu the Matariki work we did. I was explaning to her what we had to do first, next and last. I was so scared because it was my first time talking in front of a teacher from Tamaki College. I was also confident because I was showing her the work we did and I could talk about my learning.

Compare and Contrast

On Monday Mrs Anderson's Matariki group were making a DLO on Compare and Contrast. We first made a Venn diagram about Matariki and Chinese New Year. I worked really well with Sa Kae and Jona and we got our DLO done. Then we compared Matariki with Chinese New Year using similar facts. After we compared Matariki and Chinese New Year with different words. We made photos about Matariki and Chinese New Year which were similar