Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Grammar Worksheet

Grammar Worksheet

Circle the correct article (a / an / the) in each sentence:

1. John wanted to read a / an comic book.
2. The class went on a / an field trip.
3. He likes to read an / the short stories.
4. Lisa put a / an orange on her yogurt.
5. My mom likes making an / the cake from scratch.
6. The dog caught a / an stick.
7. I saw a / an otter at the zoo.
8. I quickly ate the / an cookies.
9. A / an oval is shaped like a / an egg. The igloo.

Write the correct article (a / an / the) before each noun:
A banana
A tree
An inch
An eagle
A bench
A kitten
A soccer ball
An owl

A tiger

Today I have been Learning about Grammar Worksheet I had to Write the right letters and highlight the answer.

Friday, 3 June 2016

This Is what I have been Learning... Samoan Language

Today I have to writing something about Samoan Language Because it is samoan language week. The words I use Was the thinks I did not know But The video I have Been Watching was amazing

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