Thursday, 29 March 2018

You've got 2 minutes...

Today for writing we were learning to write for 2 minutes. I talked to my partner about the ideas we would put into our sentences and we made a word list that we can include. For our writing sample we used I can see, I can smell, I can hear, I can feel and I can taste.

Monday, 26 March 2018

Two words One minute

Equipment and respect
This year for the winter olympics is held at the Pyeongchang which is at South Korea. Each sports have their own sports equipments. Some sports have equipments that are long, small or some thing that goes onto the floor. People from the winter olympics have to respect each other. They have to respect each other because they might be respectful back to you. Being respectful to others is important because respect makes people try hard. For this years theme for the 2018 Winter Olympics is called Passion Connected. In in winter olympics you can win Gold, Bronze or Silver medals. There are also Olympic values. They are called Friendship, Respect, and excellence.

Today we used the ‘2 words 1-minute’ challenge to write a description of the Winter Olympics.
After talking in pairs about the things we knew about the Winter Olympics we created a list
of words (vocabulary) that would help us write our description. We chose the words
‘equipment’ and ‘respect’ to help us think about what we were going to write.

We talked about ideas with a partner, then we had 1 minute to put those ideas
into sentences. We had to try our best to use all the words on our
vocab list. After the minute was up we had
2 minutes to reread what we had written and make changes if anything didn’t make
sense, or if we had words and punctuation in the wrong place. When we finished
checking we had 2 more minutes to carry on writing our descriptions.

All the words I highlighted were the words that was on my word list. 

I made sure that my full stops were in the right place.

I need to remember to make sure my sentence made sense

Readytheory graph

Today for reading my reading group have been reading diffrent kind of stories on a website called Read Theory, it is a website were you can read different kinds of stories. You also have to asnwer the questions that they give you. My lowest grade I achived is grade 1. My highest grade is grade 5 which I think I did a better job. I think I need to read more so I can go up a grade each time I answer questions about a story.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Let me tell you someone about the Winter Olympics

Let me tell you about the 2018 Winter Olympics… Winter Olympics is a sports competitions were countries represent their own country team. The Winter Olympics is held in South Korea, Pyeongchang. It started on the 9th and ended on the 25th of February 2018. In the winter olympics they have many kind of sports. There are 92 countries that played at the winter olympics games. The only sports that has a Rifle is Biathlon. The Olympics values are Excellence, Respect and Friendship. The Winter Olympics and the RIO Olympics are different, because the winter olympics is held in the winter season. When each team has won a game they will be given a gold, silver or bronze medals. The passion connect logo means the people, earth,  heaven.Each sports or events have there own arena, stadium or courses so they know where they are going to play there sports game.  

This Morning we worked in pairs to talk about the Winter Olumpics. We first wrote the Let me tell you something about the 2018 Winter Olympics. We had 5 minutes to type our sentcese in. Jaydon and I had to take turns typing so we can carry on writing eachs others sentces. We were back to back so we can not talk to each other. This was really diffcult because Jaydon and I were writing the same thing and we had to make sure what we wrote and what our partner wrote made sense.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

PBS Whakatauki

Today Learning space 2 were learning about our school whakatauki. We also found out that our school whakatauki was - Manaaki Whenua (care for the land), Manaaki Tanagata (care for the people) and Haere Wakamua (go forward). Above this blurb is a poster of what the wakatauki means to us.

Tech @ Tamaki College

Today LS2 went to tech this morning. This was our 3rd rotation for tech. I was working with Mrs Telefoni, she teachs art. I worked really well with Jona, Jona and I had to draw out our art onto a peice of white paper.

Being an agent of change

Today LS2 were learning about being an agent of change. We looked at how we could be agents of change in our 2018 learning journey. I choose to take care of others and focusing on my learning

Place value - addition

Today in maths I have been learning to add 514 + 344 using my place value. I have been learning to add the bigger number so I can get my answer. I have now learnt how place value works.

Making Connections - The Olymics

Today for reading we have been reading a non-fiction book called The Olympics. The content we read was about the Winter Olympics. I have been working on the making connections sheet, text to text, text to world and text to self.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Subtraction - Place value

Today in Maths I have been learning about place values. I have been subtracting the number 897 - 432. To solve the answer I used place value so I can get my answer. I first needed to subtract the bigger number from the last to first number.