Thursday, 23 November 2017

Maths solving

Today Fatongia and I were solving a maths problem. We had to find out the startegy we whould use. Then we had to talk to our maths group what we did to solve the problem. Then we made a screencastify showing what we did and how we solve the problem.

Eagle Helicopter

On Thursday, Panmure Bridge School had a vist from the Poilce helicopter. When the police helicopter landed it very lound and some of the grass and dirt was flying. This was part as our community inquiry topic. They talked about what they do in thier job. It was really excited because we went around the helicopter and twice and we saw lots of excting things that was inside the helicopter.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Fire Station trip

This term for our inquriy topic we are learning about our commuinty. Learning space 2 went to the fire station. We first heard from the firefighters (bob - manger). Then the firefighters talked about why having smoke alarms in our houses. Then we went and explore the fire enginge and seeing what was inside the truck. After the firefighters showed us how they whould take the roof off using ther tools.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Manaikalani Film Festival

Yesterday the Manaiakalani cluster went to Sylvia Park for the 10th annual film festival. There were 110 movies that other schools made. During the film festival Learning Space 2 were late for the first session. So then we watched the 2nd session of the movie. Panmure Bridge School (LS2) were watching the Pt England and Tamaki primary present thier movies. This was an amazing time at the Manaiakalani Film festival.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Jaguar adaptation

Today as a class Learning space 2 were learning about adaptation. We first had to find out an animal that starts with our names. I choose to do a Jaguar because at the first of the letter of Jaguars it starts with the letter J. We had to find out the adapation of our animal we picked. This animal is the third largest after a lion and a tiger. Above this blurb it shows the habbit and the diet of the Jaguar

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Batminton with Kevin

Today for Kiwisports we had our second lesson for Badminton with Kevin. At Badminton we learnt different skills. We first played a game called Octopus. Then we were practising how to juggle with the Shuttlecock and the Racket. The juggling was a bit hard because I couldn't hit the shuttlecock. After we had to hit the Shuttlecock using our forehand and backhand. This was difficult because the shuttle went everywhere and I got mixed up. The partner I was with was Jorja. One person had to use their index finger and their thumb to throw the shuttle to their partner who had to hit it back to them. Afterwards we got into partners to have a rally.

How Children Learn at School - Explanation writing

How Children Learn at School

Do you remember when you were a child and copying your friends or teacher by observing, you asked questions because you are curious, and took risks in school to learn? Learning is having courage to ask questions, so that you are able to make connections with your what you are talking about. Learning is important since you are growing your knowledge.

Children are good observers, they are able to watch and learn new skills. By watching, they are increasing the amount of knowledge they have. Children look up to role models so they can see new ways that they could learn.

Children ask questions because they are eager to learn more. Children are interested in a topic, so they try to understand it more and so they ask for help from their classmates or teachers, to make connections with their learning.

Children take risks so they understand what they’re learning about, some of the risks are things like; asking questions, and asking students for help. Since they ask other people, they are looking at different perspectives which will help them explore different ideas.

Many people have different learning styles, some watch videos, some read, some people ask their elderlies like the teacher. To find your learning style, you have to find a way which makes you comfortable, like watching videos makes people comfortable because people are talking to you, with their opinions. You have to find something that makes sense to you. You could read, or even simply ask questions. Your learning style will help you understand, but everyone has different learning styles.

Today Learning space 2 were practising writing an explaination for our writing test. We had our own writing buddys, my writing buddys were Nazella and Hajera. Our topic was about "How Children Learn at school". Then we had to work with anothor group, we were working with Jericho and Christopher. They had to read our explaintion and we had to read thier explaintion. They gave us feedback and feedforward.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Screencastify - Finding the answer for 21 x 15

Today Learning Space 2 were learning to use Screencastify with Mrs Grant. We made a recording about the maths learning we have done, we also wrote a script to read off. This shows my thinking about what I did to solve this maths problem.  

Thursday, 19 October 2017

How the camel has adapted to surviving in the desert.

Camels live in deserts, which are hot and dry places. Camels have adapted to these conditions which means they are surviving without struggling.

To help them walk on the hot sand camels have special pads on their feet. They have also got webbed feet so that they can walk easily on the sand.

Camels have a hump. This is full of fat which helps them have energy when they can't find food. They have fur on their hump. This helps them keep cool in the day and warm in the night.

They have thick lips so they don't get hurt by sharp points when they eat bones, thorns and cactus plants.

Camels can drink about 46 litres of water in one session. Did you know that camels can live without water for 30 days? This is because they don't lose water by sweating in the heat.

The camel has double eyelashes, slits in their nostrils and fur in their ears so they are protected from the sand in a sand storm.

Camels have adapted and changed over time so they can survive in the hot, sandy desert.

The people in our community

I used Tagul to create this word cloud that shows who the people are in our local community. A community is a group of people who live in the same place(e.g:Panmure), or have a common connection(eg:Niuean community)

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

P.B.S Holiday blogging challenge Day 5 - Bonus activity

For this last bonus activity for the P.B.S Holiday blogging challenge we had to make a venn diagram using google drawings. We had to find out what were different about the New Zealand harbour bridge (Auckland) and the Australia harbour bridge (Sydeny) and in the middle we had to list what were the same about Auckland and Sydney harbour bridges.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Table conga

Today I choose to play a timetable game called table conga. This game helped me learn my 6 time tables. I need to practise my time table to 6 because I think this was too hard to do. This was a bit challenging because I need to get the number before the X gets me.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Day 5 activity 2 - PBS Holiday Blogging Challenge

Cost -
Adult- $165
Child - $135
NZ Student - 135

Requirements -
Age - Minimum 10 Years old. Children 14 and under.
Weight - Between 35kg to 150kg
Duration - Allow 2 hours.
Clothing -  Footwear
For this activity we had to use our smart searching skills and find out how much it cost and find out the requirements. I find the answers on this site (Click here)

Day 5 Activity 1 - PBS Holiday Blogging Challenge

This is our last day for the PBS Holiday Blogging Challenge. For this activity we made a DLO about the Auckland Harbor Bridge. This DLO shows the facts I made for the PBS Holiday Blogging Challenge.

Monday, 2 October 2017

Day 3 Bonus Activity PBS Holiday Blogging Challenge

For this activity I had to find out how much is the tickets and what time does it open and close. I choose to do this on a slideshow.

Day 3 Activity 2 - PBS Holiday Blogging Challenge

For this activity we were making a DLO about our inforgraphic. We had to look for a Kelly tarlton's sea creature to make our inforgraphic. I picked the stingray because this will help me learn about stingrays. This DLO shows what I learnt about Stingrays.

Day 3 Day 1 - PBS Holiday Blogging Challenge

For this activity we had to find out how much would it cost for me and my family to go to Kelly Tarlton . This DLO shows how much it would cost to go to Kelly Tarlton.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Day 2 Bonus activity - PBS Holiday Blogging Challenge

For this bonus activity I had to choose 1 activity from the sky city. I choose to do Bungee Jump because It looks fun to do. I also had to find out how much it would cost to go. This poster shows what I learnt and shows my learning.

Day 2 Activty 2 - PBS Holiday Blogging Challenge

For this activity we had to create a new Mascot for the Sky City to help out while Scotty is on holiday. This is my mascot I made while scotty is away.

Day 2 Activity 1 - PBS Holiday Blogging Challenge

For this activity I had to list 5 facts about the Auckland sky tower. I went on the sky city website to find out 5 facts about the Auckland sky tower.This shows what I learnt about the sky city in Auckland.

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Day 1 Bonus Activity - PBS Holiday Blogging Challenge

For this activity I had to watch a video and choose a ride and explain why I would recommend that ride to a a friend the friend I choose was Eric. After watching that video I had to describe how I would I feel on the ride I picked the fear fall and I wrote a 25 word summary about what I would feel.

Day 1 Activity 2 - PBS Holiday Blogging Challenge

Image result for stratosfear rainbows end
Photo by trip advisor 
public Domain.

For this activity I had to find out what is the maximum height for a stratosfear at Rainbow's End. I went on this site to find out more about stratosfear. The maximum height for the stratosfear is 150cm for (Very Extreme) and 130cm for (less extreme) and the Maximum is only 30 people. The next question I had to answer was: 
Why do you think there a height restriction?
In my opinion I think that so the seat belt won't fall apart. 

Comment to Eric

This is my comment I commented on Eric's Rainbow's End blog post. I've given him some feedback for him to change.

Activity 1 day 1 - PBS Holiday Blogging Challenge

For this activity we had to find the location of Rainbow's End. I have screen shot a photo of where It is. Rainbow's End is at 2 Clist Crescent, Auckland 2104. For our next step we had to use our smart searching skills to find how much would it cost for a family pass. I went on the rainbows end site to check how much it costs for a family pass. The results I got was $62.00 for adults and $52.00 for children. Then I added up $62.00 + 52.00 and it was $114. So it cost $114 for a family pass. Then for our last step was that we had to find out how much would it cost for our family to go. I think it cost $280 because 52 + 52 + 52 + 62 + 62 = 280 as I have got 3 brothers and 2 adults. 

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Cross Country

Last week the whole school went over to dunkirk to have our cross country. When we walked down there were classes name. We sat next to our class name. Mr Oglive had to call out the classes to have a run around dunkirik. We the other classes ran we cheered them up to keep running. When it came to our turn we ran as fast as we could but we ran 2.8km. When we came 1st 2nd and 3rd the teachers wrote down the names of them. Then they would go to the interschool. I did'nt come 1st 2nd or 3rd.

Kiwi can

Today group B went to kiwi can. We first played a game called Objects. Mr Malu had to put an object in the middle and we had to use it as an object. We had a hula hoop, paper and a box. We had groups of 4 to play the game. Then we went outside and we played hand soccer we were put into 2 teams. It we had to use our hands to hit the ball to the goal. After we played a ten down game. We had our own number. When Mr Malu picked a number we had to go in and hit the ball to the goal. 
I think we just played a game at kiwi can. But when we played the games I think we were collaborating durning all games.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Scale Drawing

This week and last week Learning space 2 were working on our Scale drawings. We had to practise drawing a butterfly on a small piece of paper.  Then we made our own scale drawing using cartoon characters or animated movie characters. I chose to do Anger from Inside Out because It felt easy to do. Then Miss Kiripatrick printed our small outline photo of our character and we ruled our grid lines. Then we drew another grid  onto a big sheet of paper, twice the size of our smaller picture. Finally we made our own name plate on a google drawing. The thing that I found hard about drawing this was that I kept on thinking too much about it and I made a few mistakes. The thing that I found easy was the colouring in. I am happy because I got there in the end.

Character Introduction - Princess Bride

Today Learning space 2 were focusing on the Princess Bride. Firstly we watched the movie in the school's theatre. When we came back we had to talk about what we learnt about the shot types and the clothing the charters were wearing. Learning space 2 were making a Google drawing to show what we have learnt from the movie. I choose to make a Charater Introduction about Weasly. I had to descibe of what Westley was wearing in the flim.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Captain Underpant

Today I have read a book called "The adventures of Captain underpants". This was to help me improve in my reading and help my reading knowlege. This book is about 2 boys name George and Harold They were both comman. This book helped me a lot because I can understand what they mean to me. 

Monday, 25 September 2017


Today Learning space 2 were focusing on Eletions Results for 2017. Javeylor, Mishaan, Viva and I were making a slideshow about What is a Coaliton? We found out a coaltion is like joining anothor bigger party. We also found out about Who our Local MVP was. We choose to pick Denise Lee because she was the New Zealand politician Natioal Leader.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Read an eBook day

Today was the Read an eBook Day. Learning space 2 were givien the oppintunity to read a book on the Tamaki Collge Overdrive at school. We had to choose any books from the Tamaki College overdrive. I choose a book that was easy to read. It had diffrent kind of storys. These names were put into pictures fruits, furnitures, food and plastic boxs. I think this book was intresting to read. There is a photo above that shows what I did during the Read an ebook day.  Click here to go to the Read an eBook site

Friday, 8 September 2017

Food tech with Mrs Heka - Rotation 2

Today at tech we made mini spaghetti pies with Mrs Heka. First we got our cooking gear ready to go. Viva went and get the pastry. I was getting the Spaghetti and Sheredded cheese. Mrs Heka told us some insrutions. So Viva got the cup to trace on the pastry. Nickaiela and I had to cut out the traced cicle. Then Nickaiela put the spaghetti and shredded cheese together in the bowl. Mrs Heka came around to give us the cupcake trays and she sprayed the cupcake trays with the cooking spray. After we had to put the the pastry on the cupcake trays. After we all had to clean up the mess we did while Mrs heka was putting the pies into the oven. She gave us a number so we can remember what trays were in. After cleaning our mess we waited for 30 minutes until our pies were done. 30 minutes later Mrs Heka tooked out trays but she was saying the numbers. Then I got the spoon from the tray and We had a turn taking out 4 pies each. At the end of the session we all ate our mini spaghetti pies.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Kwi can session

Today we went to kiwi can with Mr Malo/Malu and Mrs Latioa. For kiwi can we played a game called bit, bot, bounce. Then we learnt about taking risks behaviors. Then we went down to the courts and we played a few games we played hand sccoer. We also had team groups, group A and group B. Then we talked about what we did well and what we didn't like doing.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Learning to use synonyms

Today we learnt about synonyms. Synonyms are words that mean the same thing but can make your writing more interesting. To help me I used the google dictionary to define my words because it gives you a list of synonyms underneath the definition. It was interesting to try new words in my writing.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Tech with Mrs Heka

Today at tech we changed our technogly groups. The group the I was in was food tech with Mrs Heka. We were exicted because food tech was the best rotation. I was also got put into groups. I was with Viva and Nickaela. First we had to plan what we had to do. 1 person had to wash the dishes, 1 person had to dry the cups and 1 person had to put the cups away. Also Mrs Heka gave as some really instresting rules that we were not ment to do. She showed us everything that goes with the kichen. We were were making Oreo milkshake. The first thing that we had to do was to get our cooking gear ready. Then we had to grab some oreos with the table we had to open the oreo up and take the white cream out. After we had to put the oreo's into the bowl. Then we had to put a milk into the cup and we had to put icecream after we had to blend the oreo milkshake on the blender. At the end we had to clean up everything. At the end we had to drink our Oreo milkshake. My milk shake was yummy because we all worked together.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Why is the sun special?

When the sun comes out it brightens the world with light. The sun is very special. The sun is really big the sun is also a star. The sun keeps us alive so we can have energy.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Fraction problem solving

Today Calvin and I were working together to make a DLO about fractions we were learning new things durning maths time. We also had some question about fractions. I founded it hard because I was working out the unknown answer. We made a DLO about what can we help for other people to learn. We also used our startgety to work out the whole number.

Rewindable learning

Yesterday for dance we had a dance teacher her name was Zoe. We were split into groups. The group I was in was I see red which was group B. This was challeging because the hinge was too hard. Then today we had to practice our dance moves. My group had to rewind the video so we can practice again and agian. Then we had to present our dance to the class.

Yesterday for dance we had a dance teacher her name was zoe. We were splitted into groups the group I  was in was I see red which was group B. This was challeging because the hinge was to hard. Then today we had to practice our dance moves. My group had to rewin the video so we can practice again and agian. After we had to

"A" or ''An"

Today we were learning when to use A and when to use an before a word. If a word begins with a vowel (A-E-I-O-U) or a silent H (e.g hour) we use an. We use a for all other words.The photo shows the sentes we wrote to practise using a or an.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Winter learning Journey awards

Today at assembly Rachel came to hand out some prizes and certificates to the people who participated in the Winter learning Jounery.  There were lots and lots of people who had paticipated. There were also lots of LS2 sudents that won a prize. On the stage there were 6 prizes their was 5 LS2 students that won the prizes and 1 LS1 student. I had fun completing the activities in the Winter Learning Journey. A big thank you to Rachel and her team for blogging with us.

Week 2 term 3 - Creating our own animation

Today for tech we have now started to make our own animationed story using Scratch. First we had to make a document or a google drawing. We also added something new to our own learning sites. I found it hard because I could't understand how to use scartch because I still have to learn more. I had fun making our own animation story.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Let me tell you something about...

Let me tell you something about lunchtimes at Panmure Bridge School. First when the lunch bell rings we quickly run outside like a wolf is chasing us. Then we get our school bags and we open it up to see what's in our nice beautiful lunches. When we open our plastic bags we open it like a present. Some people have homemade lunches which was made by their family members, others have dairy foods from the shops. We quickly eat  our food like there is a race happening. When we finish our  delicious food we look around like a spy kid to see if there is any rubbish on the floor. We run down the stairs and run all the way to the handball grid. Sometimes people play handball, people make excuses when they lose and some people play hard. There is also sports practise happening. People like going to sport practise because they like to represent the school. We also have lunchtime activities with our visitors. Kids play in the playground and run around like fast cheetahs. People play basketball and try to shoot the ball in the hoop. As soon as the bell rings everyone walks back to class sleepy because they had lots of fun. Some people go to the toilets or have a drink. One person takes the milk and fruit to the hall. When they line up to wait for their teachers they talk like they having a meeting so they can play their games another day. When we go in class we sit down sweating.

Today we were practising to write a 4 minute descriptions. We had to write about lunchtimes at Panmure Bridge School. First we proofread our sentences to ourselves. After, we had to read our partner’s work. and to take out some mistakes or to add more powerfull words. We added some powerful words to my partner’s work. I found it hard because I didn't know where to put my commas. When I read my partner’s work, I found easy to make a picture in my head.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Activity 2 Day 3 - Winter hoilday programe

My Opinion is that we should kill them because they can make us hurt and it can also make holes underground or on your roof tiles. It also has dirty things on their body.

For this activity we had to write our own opinion about possums. I wrote a shot story about what will happen to the possums and I choose to kill them.

Activity 1 day 3

Activity 1:
Great spotted kiwi
The Great spotted kiwi, as a member of the ratites, are flightless. It is the largest of the kiwi.

What kind of animal is it: kiwi

What does it eat? Earthworms, Beetles and Cicadas and more

Where do they normally live? Northern half of the South Island ( Greymouth, Arthur's Pass and North Canterbury)

For this actvity I had to go on a site called Adopt a Critter page. We had to find an anaimal and I picked a Great spotted kiwi. Their are some facts above this blurb.

Image result for Great spotted kiwi

Comment to Aj

This is my comment to Aj. I commented on his interview with her sister. I also like how he explained what he had to do.

Day 2 Bonus Activity

1. They like kicking balls around

2. They like seeing places.

3. They like to see their favorite thing

4. We like to go to anything we haven't been to

5. Like going Jump

For this activty I had to List 5 things that my family members would say to me.

Day 2 - Activity 2 Winter Hoilday Journey

1. Why do you like going to travel around the world?

2. Do you like going on the ship?

3. Is it scary going when you're on the boat outside?

4. What do you most like at the the places you have been to.?

5. Have you been to niuean?

For this acvity I had to watch a video about Laura Dekker ( This was fun because I had to list 5 question I would ask Laura about.

Johannes Brahms Composer (Music)

This poster is about my composer and his name is Johannes Brahms. I made this for our music time. We had to put some answers to our post.

Duffy Books

Yesterday afternoon we were givien our duffy books. I was so exited because I like to read fun books like Tom gates. I hope I read lots in the hoildays.

Assembly Cetficate

Today I had a cetficate at assembly I also got a red ticket to get one of the lego boxs. I am impress of myself because I have been coming to school everday.

Day 2 - Activity 1 - Winter Holiday Journey

Rangitoto Island - Because it's a beautiful place to go with you friends and families. And also it is large beach so you can play any games.

This is my 3 places I have choose. For this activity I had to choose 3 places in Auckland to pick and why we picked it. These are the places I have picked

Comment - Winter Holiday Journey

This is my comment to Sa kae I comment on her flag because it is interesting to know about.

Bonus Activity - Day 1

For this activity I had to create my own flag to replace the New Zealand flag. I deigned my one like this because I just like the colors and the logo. Orange represent my favorite color and blue respect the blue rugby team. I created it buy using Flag designer.

Winter Learning Journey - Day 1 - Activity 2

1. Go on boats and ride it to a place I haven't been to

2. See fishes to see Some new things

3. Walk along Mission Bay

4. Eat nice sea food

5. Going to see many cultures

For this acvity I had to watch a video on youtube This video was intresting because I like this because I learnt to many things. We had to list 5 favourite activities from the video.

Winter Holiday Journey - Day 1

1. Hongi is a tradition Maori greeting 2. I did not know that the Weta cave was created by Peter Jackson. 3. New Zealand loves to go camping int the great outdoor For this activity I had to go onto this site to get some 3 interesting facts from. The first one was interesting because I learnt a new word Hongi

Friday, 7 July 2017

Term 2 Reflection

This term I have really enjoyed learning about my timetables because I can learn all my timetables. I now know how to do my place value. I enjoy working on my maths because I like doing hard things and I can also learn from my mistakes. I also like doing dance with Mrs Anderson and Ms Brett. Also I like going tech with the whole class. Tech is nice because I learn diffrent things.