Friday, 10 March 2017

What is an explanation? By Joshua V & Josh S

A blog is a website where you share your learning and ideas. My blog is special because it tells people about my learning. All blogs are unique because all blogs are different.

I have 14,395 views on my blog and 341 blog post on my blog - that means I have 341 examples of my learning that has been shared with the world (my global audience). Each post has a blurb that tells what I have been learning. I label each post so that my work is easy to find. For example if I post a poem I label the post as a poem so that people search for my poem so they can find it quickly. We also can share our work to other social media (eg., facebook, twitter, Pinterest).

There is a comments section under each post for other people to give us feedback on our work. We can reply back with a nice and positive comment which helps us get to know other learners.  

My blog is special because it is a timeline of where it shows my learning journey since I was in Year 4. The best part is that our blog can not be lost or thrown away.

Today we wrote about an explanation we had to write down a intro to come onto the explanation there were 4 parts of an explanation it is called title, introduction, poipio and conclusion.

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