Friday, 4 August 2017

Week 2 term 3 - Creating our own animation

Today for tech we have now started to make our own animationed story using Scratch. First we had to make a document or a google drawing. We also added something new to our own learning sites. I found it hard because I could't understand how to use scartch because I still have to learn more. I had fun making our own animation story.

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  1. Hi Joshua I’m Katipa from Paihia School I’m a year 6 and I’m a student of Te Ngahere (the forest). It is so cool that you do animation's about your learning in tech. I agree how it would be hard because you have to set up everything. This reminds me off making my animation of a fish getting bullied by a black fish but I had a problem moving the character’s sideways. But I had to get help from a teacher.