Thursday, 3 August 2017

Let me tell you something about...

Let me tell you something about lunchtimes at Panmure Bridge School. First when the lunch bell rings we quickly run outside like a wolf is chasing us. Then we get our school bags and we open it up to see what's in our nice beautiful lunches. When we open our plastic bags we open it like a present. Some people have homemade lunches which was made by their family members, others have dairy foods from the shops. We quickly eat  our food like there is a race happening. When we finish our  delicious food we look around like a spy kid to see if there is any rubbish on the floor. We run down the stairs and run all the way to the handball grid. Sometimes people play handball, people make excuses when they lose and some people play hard. There is also sports practise happening. People like going to sport practise because they like to represent the school. We also have lunchtime activities with our visitors. Kids play in the playground and run around like fast cheetahs. People play basketball and try to shoot the ball in the hoop. As soon as the bell rings everyone walks back to class sleepy because they had lots of fun. Some people go to the toilets or have a drink. One person takes the milk and fruit to the hall. When they line up to wait for their teachers they talk like they having a meeting so they can play their games another day. When we go in class we sit down sweating.

Today we were practising to write a 4 minute descriptions. We had to write about lunchtimes at Panmure Bridge School. First we proofread our sentences to ourselves. After, we had to read our partner’s work. and to take out some mistakes or to add more powerfull words. We added some powerful words to my partner’s work. I found it hard because I didn't know where to put my commas. When I read my partner’s work, I found easy to make a picture in my head.

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