Thursday, 19 October 2017

How the camel has adapted to surviving in the desert.

Camels live in deserts, which are hot and dry places. Camels have adapted to these conditions which means they are surviving without struggling.

To help them walk on the hot sand camels have special pads on their feet. They have also got webbed feet so that they can walk easily on the sand.

Camels have a hump. This is full of fat which helps them have energy when they can't find food. They have fur on their hump. This helps them keep cool in the day and warm in the night.

They have thick lips so they don't get hurt by sharp points when they eat bones, thorns and cactus plants.

Camels can drink about 46 litres of water in one session. Did you know that camels can live without water for 30 days? This is because they don't lose water by sweating in the heat.

The camel has double eyelashes, slits in their nostrils and fur in their ears so they are protected from the sand in a sand storm.

Camels have adapted and changed over time so they can survive in the hot, sandy desert.

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