Monday, 11 December 2017

Student leaders speech

Hello, my name is Joshua, and I am running for the head boy, because I know that I will do well leading the school. My first point is I am able to talk to people and able to share my learning with other people. I can carry out duties if teachers ask me to do something. I am a confident student and I always complete work. I would also like to achieve good goals for 2018. I completed some of my CARE AWARDS. Next year I would like to complete all of my CARE Awards. I can respect teachers by using good and polite manners. On my blog, I have 440 post which means I post work on my blog for other people to look at.  I think I can be a good role model to other people around me. Please vote for me.

Today I nominated my self to be a head boy. Everyone that wrote a script presented thier speechs. This week everyone that wrote a srript presented their speechs in front of Learning space 2. I was a bit neroves but I tryed my hardest to share what I wrote on to the script. 

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  1. Hey Joshua!

    I love reading these kinds of posts about passionate leaders like yourself! It takes lots of confidence and courage to get up a do a speech, so well done! How did you go? I'd love to know if you got the head boy role!

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    We hope you will join us. To find the activities, just follow this link:

    I look forward to blogging with you!

    Nicky :)