Monday, 4 December 2017

Tech - Tamaki College - Social Study - Cooking

On Friday for tech we had our last rotation for 2017. With Mrs Heka we first made Choclate logs then we rolled it up with the cooking paper. The following week (1/12/2017) we then made our cream filling. The ingredents to the cream filling the cream with milk and icing sugaur. Then we made a chocolate icying with chcochlate, cream with coco powder and milk. After we decorated our chocholate log with white chochlates, red cherrys and chochlate sprikles. At the end we all enjoyed eating our chocolate log.

After tech Mrs. Kirkpatrick put us into three groups for our next rotation. The groups were Social Science, P.E and Robotics. The group I was put in was Social Science with Mrs. Apelu. With Mrs Apelu we first had a partner to work with, my partner was Freeman. We also had the Year 12's from Tamaki College helping us finish our work. We played a game called Pursued. This game was about google earth. If a place comes up we had to find what city it was from for example one of the city's was panama. After we did an activty, we had to help Mrs. Anderson plan her next hoilday trip. 

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