Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Summer Learning Journing / Day 2 - Week 1 - Activity 1

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The difference between my house and the wharepuni is that we have bedrooms and they don't.
the wharepuni has no furniture such as kitchen, cupboards, and stairs.


There both a house where it's a warm place to live in.
They both have colored house

For this activity, I had to make the differences and similarities between my house and the wharepuni. I have put some of the things that wharepuni don't have inside there house

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  1. Hi Joshua,

    Ruby here from the Summer Learning Journey team!

    Great work with this activity! Well done. You've thought of some good similarities and differences between your house and a wharepuni. I like how you have said that they are both a warm place to live.

    One of the differences I thought of was that my house has a tiled roof and a wharepuni has a thatched roof. Do you know what a thatched roof is made from?

    Would you like to stay in a wharepuni one day? It would be very different from living at our houses, I'm sure!

    I look forward to reading more of your blog over the summer.