Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Summer Learning Journing / Day 4 - Week 1 - Bonus Activity

Ranking 3# Te Puku o Te Ika

1# I give this my first rate because I like how they moved forward and started to sing as hard.

2# I give this a second rate because of how the singing and there dance moves.

3# I give this my third rate because they didt do much but I really like how they singed for there grandpa or dad.

For this activty because I liked how I got to pick the rating and I really like seeing these moari dance.

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  1. Morena Joshua,

    What a great post Joshua! You little message at the end telling us why you liked the activity is very helpful and I will pass that on to the rest of the team. That makes us feel good when we know you enjoy the activities! :)

    You have rated and commented on the performances explaining why you liked each one and why you gave them that rating. Ka pai! 6 points for Joshua!

    Are you part of a Kapa Haka group at school? I was at intermediate! Loved all the songs we sang and especially loved the trips we got to go on to perform to people. What do you think of the Kapa Haka group at school?

    Keep up the great work!

    Cadence :)