Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Summer Learning Journing / Day 3 - week 1 - Activity 2

Ko Maunga Poneke te maunga - The mountain that I affiliate to is Mount Welliongton
Ko Tamaki River te awa - The river that I affiliate to is Tamaki River
Ko Niue ahau - I am from Niue
Ko Tupehou rāua ko Talio ōku mātua - My parents are Tupehou and Talio
Ko Joshua tōku ingoa. - My name is Joshua

For this activity, I have been learning new Maori words. I have been creating a pepeha. Above this blurb shows all about me and where I am from. This was a cool activity because I had to describe my suburb and my family

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  1. Hi Joshua,

    Ruby here from the Summer Learning Journey!

    Great work with this activity! You have made a good start to your pepeha. It can be difficult filling in some of those gaps though!
    What I use for my iwi is the Irish (or Airiri in Maori). That is because this is where my family came from and these are the people I identify with.
    For my hapu, I use my last name, Simpson. Because this is my immediate family and where I belong as a person.
    Perhaps you could use some of these ideas to add to your pepeha?

    Knowing your pepeha is important, I think, because it allows for us to acknowledge our ancestors. It also helps us understand ourselves a little bit better through knowing more about our history.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog over the summer.